Indie record stores in NZ

How many independent record stores are left in New Zealand? The folk at threw this question out on Twitter recently, and pulled together this list. Any additions or corrections, please let me know in the comments or via email.

"With the decline in physical music sales in NZ over the past few years and events like the Christchurch earthquake there seems to have been a lot of stores closing. 

Please note we've excluded stores that only sell second hand titles and also souvenir or book stores that have a tiny selection of music. The stores listed are either solely music retailers or at least have a large selection of new music. Also we can't say if we're 100% accurate so if you know of any others that we've left out then please leave a comment and we'll add them to the list. And we've also left out online retailers like... us."

Rhythm Compact Discs (Ponsonby) closed Aug 2013
Southbound Records (69 Mt Eden Rd Jan 2015 - moved to 132 Symonds Street)
Alien Records (11 Veronica st, New Lynn)
Conch Records (115a Ponsonby Rd - note - in 2014, Conch shuttered its record store and focused solely on its cafe/restaurant - they now have records as decoration, but have occasional pop-up record fairs)
Flying Out 80 Pitt St, ff K Rd - opened on 18 April 2015, to coincide with Record Store Day. Flying Out started as an online distributor for Flying Nun/Arch Hill in 2013, and this shop grew out of that operation.
Real Groovy from Jan 7 2016 - 369 Queen st, Akl City
Rebel Soul Records (opened late July 2015, closed down mid 2017 but still operating as a pop up store)
My Generation (753 Beach Rd, down the driveway, Brown's Bay) closed Jan 2015
Vinyl Destination Birkenhead (opened in Albany and shifted to Birkenhead in April 2015 / closing down 31 March 2016, moving to Tauranga, re-opening 16 April 2016)
Musiquarium (369 Dominion rd, Mt Eden)
Mix Foundation, Little High St
Marbecks Classical (Queens Arcade)
Retro City, 161 K Rd - vintage/retro artifacts, plus a small selection of 2nd hand vinyl. Store opened around Sept 2016, run by Heath Burgoyne (ex Cyberculture and other K Rd record stores)
Rec, a music venue/record store at 38 Custom St East, their opening weekend is opening October 14 2016

Musicor (Whangarei)
Noise Company (Dargaville)

Central Nth Island

Tron Record Shop (58a Commerce st, Frankton, Hamilton) opened Nov 1 2017
Ulo - Cian O'Donnell, ex Conch Records, has a shop inside Ulo selling great vinyl (4B Wallis St, Raglan)
My Music (Taupo)
Vinyl Countdown (New Plymouth)
Raw Music (Whanganui)
Zinc Records (Taradale)
Electric City Music (Napier)
Just For The Record (Napier)
Tracs (Tauranga)
Vinyl Destination- moved to Tauranga from Akld, reopened 16 April 2016

Rough Peel Music (Cuba st, Wtgn Central)
Slow Boat Records (Cuba st, Wtgn Central)
Parsons (Wtg Central) closed February 2014
The Revolution (120 Main st, Upper Hutt)
Evil Genius (462 Adelaide Rd, Berhampore) Evil Genius closed on 28 July 2013, and split into two new ventures... Death Ray Records, 3 Wilson st Newtown, and Rinski Korsakovs Cafe and Gallery in Berhampore
Lo-Cost Records (147 Jackson st, Petone)
Wonderland (Wainuiomata)
Mint Music, 258 Hugh St, Lower Hutt (run by ex Marbecks Queensgate manager)
Vinyl Heaven (Masterton)

Everyman Records - closed down, in voluntary liquidation, July 2014
Family Jewels Records, in The Freehouse beer garden, opened by Grant Smithies in August 2017

Galaxy Records
Penny Lane * 2

Portil (closed in late Jan 2015)
Too Tone Records (closed in Jan 2017)
Disk Den
Relics (86 St Andrew St)

Play It Again (closed)
Rock N Rolla

Graham Electronics, 101 Revell St

And for a contrast: From the Telegraph "Where are London's best independent record shops still selling vinyl?"


Anonymous said...


just thought I'd let you know I run an indie record store in Upper Hutt called The Revolution


Steve Cochrane


we're on facebook

Robyn Gallagher said...

Parson's in Wellington closed in February 2014.

Anonymous said...

My generation music in browns bay closes August 12th 2014.

Anonymous said...

My Generation Browns Bay have reopened in a new location. Mint Music are in Lower Hutt, run by former Marbecks Queensgate manager. Penny Lane Chch Riccarton branch closes in about 2 weeks. Musicor Whangarei have closed, Dave called it a day. Graham Electronics in Hokitika are still going-they sell instruments, electronics as well as new music. Peter Cairns Musicworks in Gore is still operating-quite a bit of country there! All Play It Agains have now shuttered. Mix Foundation High St Akl still sell new vinyl as well as DJ gear.

Anonymous said...

My Generation has closed in Browns Bay, but now seem to have teamed up with Vinyl Destination in Birkenhead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fi Gallery and Just for The Record are the same business. Musicor closed in 2013, after 46 years of trade. Rhythm in Ponsonby closed 2013. ~LT~